What families and children tell us about their visit to our walk-in clinic:

You put my child’s needs first and made him feel heard.  Thank you for that.

Coming to your walk-in clinic was very helpful – not sure why we delayed.  So happy to have a safe place for kids to be seen and heard.

Our counsellor was absolutely so empathetic and supportive!  She created a positive environment for my husband and I and our child, where we felt comfortable sharing our concerns and goals to enhance our happy family life.  She provided excellent strategies and concrete examples of how to approach situations and be non-reactive and more empathetic to our child’s needs.  We feel better equipped to support our child and very confident that our child will respond to the great strategies we developed together in our session.

A very helpful and illuminating session with a very skilled and experienced counsellor which opened a new window on our relationship with our daughter and gave us useful, practical tips on how to respond to her needs more effectively.

Very friendly and informative session.  Thank you.

Child & Family Clinic Hours


Let us know if you would prefer an in-person,  phone, or virtual session when booking your appointment.

WEDNESDAY 9am – noon  and

THURSDAY  Noon-8pm 


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