Mental Health Services for Children in Ottawa under 12

Intersections and Police Referrals

Partnering with the police on early intervention.

Crossroads is proud to partner with Ottawa Police Services to offer the Intersections Program.  Intersections is an evidence-informed early intervention program for children up to the age of 13 years old with suspected mental health, developmental, and/or substance abuse issues who are at risk of becoming involved with the justice system.  A child and youth worker helps the identified child and their family access and coordinate community support services to reduce and prevent further interaction with police services and the justice system.

Accessing Intersections Program:

Referrals to the Intersections program are made through Ottawa Police Services.



Child & Family Clinic Hours

Let us know if you would prefer an in-person,  phone, or virtual session when booking your appointment.

WEDNESDAY 9am – noon  and

THURSDAY  Noon-8pm 


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