Mental Health Services for Children in Ottawa under 12

In-Home Treatment

Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre provides individualized treatment services in the home for children with complex social, behavioural, and emotional challenges.

Crossroads offers individualized treatment services in your home to help you and your family learn and apply new skills in your everyday living environment.

Treatment consists of weekly visits.  The frequency of these visits is based on your needs and preferences.  This will be determined during your first session and reviewed over the course of treatment.

We recognize that families have busy lives, so we will work closely with you to find a regular weekly visit time that fits your family’s schedule, and we will make every effort to maintain this schedule.    If you need to cancel for any reason please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your spot to another family and attempt to reschedule with you within the same week.

What do visits look like?

We want to get to know you in the comfort of your own home.  We will spend time talking with you and your child to better understand the strengths and needs of your family.  We will get curious about situations where your child does well, where they struggle, how they think, their triggers, the skills they’ve mastered and the skills they have yet to develop.  We will also work with you to predict where your child may struggle and how to help them build skills to address these challenges.

Based on the information we gather together, we will identify treatment goals that will guide the work we do together during each visit.  These treatment goals will be reviewed weekly to make sure that visits are on track and that we are focused on what’s important to you and your child.


Child & Family Clinic Hours


Let us know if you would prefer an in-person,  phone, or virtual session when booking your appointment.

WEDNESDAY 9am – noon  and

THURSDAY  Noon-8pm 


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