Research, University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is seeking participants for research on caregiver’s experiences when seeking child mental health services.

If you are the primary caregiver (aged 18 or older) of a child or youth between the ages of 6-18 with an emotional or behavioural concern and you have considered and/or sought child mental health services in the past 12 months, you are eligible to participate in this 45-90 minute virtual or telephone interview.  A $25 gift card is provided.

If interested please contact Gwendolyn, Doctoral Candidate, at   647-875-3809.

To see the full flyer:  Ethics Protocol APPENDIX D – Recruitment Flyer_

Child & Family Clinic Hours

Let us know if you would prefer an in-person,  phone, or virtual session when booking your appointment.

WEDNESDAY 9am – noon  and

THURSDAY  Noon-8pm 

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