Race Registration Instructions

How to Register as a Runner/Walker and set up your Online Personal Fundraising Page:


  1. Click here to go to  Ottawa Race Weekend and choose Register.
  2. Scroll down until you see the race you are interested in: 2km, 5km, 10km, half marathon, marathon, etc.
  3. Click Register.
  4.  You will then be taken to the Sign In page. If you are new to the Race Roster registration system then you will need to type in your email address and password, tick the box that you have read and agree to terms and conditions, and then click the Sign Up button. Important: be sure to keep a record of your Race Roster password for use later.
  5. You will be taken to the Register page. Here you again select the race distance you are interested in, and fill in all the relevant personal information. Be sure to answer every question that has an * beside it. When done, scroll to the bottom.
  6.  You will be taken to the Waiver page. After reading the waiver, tick the I Agree box.

Next comes the very important Scotiabank Charity Challenge page.

 You will be asked if you’d like to participate in a Scotiabank Charity Challenge or marathon relay team.  

  1. You will then see a Select Charity Click on it and scroll down til you see Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre, and choose this.
  2. You will then see another pop up box. Click on Create Scotiabank Charity Challenge fundraising account
  3. Then type in the username and password you would like to use to access your personal fundraising
  4. Optionally, you can type in your fundraising goal and/or make a donation to the Crossroads team (you can also do these later).
  5. At the bottom, click Continue to Payment. Important: be sure to keep a record of your Scotiabank/Artez User Name and Password for use later on, to access your fundraising
  6. On the right hand column, you can review your payment details, applicable fees, total amount, etc.

On the left hand column, click Copy from Participant and your billing inform will be entered automatically in the appropriate boxes, so you don’t need to type again.

At the bottom of the page, fill in your credit card details and click Submit Order.

NB: Crossroads is not permitted to issue an official tax receipt for your registration fee (only for donations). The registration fee is considered an in-kind contribution, for which we are  very grateful.

Once you have successfully registered, you should see your confirmation number at the top of the screen.

Scroll down the page until you see Scotiabank Charity Challenge in the right hand column. Below this, you should see a Crossroads  button.

 Click this and you should automatically be transferred to your online fundraising page where you can edit your personal fundraising page, upload photos and videos, edit your fundraising goal and message, and send fundraising emails to your friends and families.

Thank you so much!  All funds raised go directly to helping our families!

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