Parent Feedback

After single session therapy or full services, we ask parents for feedback.  Here are some  responses:

“Our Crossroads worker was amazing.  In our 90 minutes together not only did my daughter open up about her issue, I learned how to get her engaged in a productive discussion when she needs to talk about how she’s feeling or if she’s had a bad day.”

“Our Crossroads worker’s support and kindness has made all the difference to our family as we navigate the sudden onset of our child’s mental illness.  Our worker had a calm and warm manner and was so easy to talk to.  She listened to our concerns without judgement, helped us problem solve and strengthen our personal, family, and community resources to manage the emotional day-to-day challenges we face.”

“I am so grateful to Crossroads.  When I initially booked we were so worried about my son’s anxiety and its effect on his quality of life.  I never thought that in only a few months we’d be able to make the progress we did with him.  My worker was incredibly easy to talk to, an active listener, positive, and offered us different tools to try each week.  They have had an almost immediate impact and have become part of our daily routine.  Parenting a child with anxiety can be stressful and it can feel like a battle you’re failing every day.  Talking with our Crossroads worker not only helped my son, but she was invaluable to me personally.  Thank you Crossroads, you’re doing incredible work!”

“A huge thank you to Crossroads for being involved in our lives at a very critical time.  You have really changed the course of our lives.”

“I felt so enlightened after we left our walk-in session.  My son was excited and wants to go back and talk about his feelings (his words).  He’s only 5 and has been through so much.  With just one session I felt more at ease.  I’m looking forward to more sessions as I feel this will benefit my son in so many ways.  Thank you, Crossroads.”

“My son’s behaviour has greatly improved and I am extremely thankful to Crossroads for the support given to my family.”

“My worker’s knowledge and experience with systems and processes was so so valuable in navigating our experience.  Her empathy, understanding and clear communication are a huge benefit to anyone who has the pleasure of working with her and with Crossroads.”

“We just loved our Crossroads worker!  She is the first worker to get through to my child fully, and he communicated well with her.  My youngest is smitten with her.  We are devastated that services are over.  I trust her fully.”

“After many frustrating experiences in trying to access parenting support for our family, where the main strategies are based in punitive methods and conditional approval, it was truly a relief to work with a counsellor from Crossroads. It has never been my experience that a counsellor would not attribute ANY negative intent to the child, or suggest that the reason a child is struggling is because they are not punished for their negative behaviour. I am absolutely thrilled this resource exists to support families and provide a collaborative attachment-focused alternative. Thank you!”

“Our worker went above and beyond to take the time to explain and educate us about our son’s lagging skills and how to apply the Collaborative Problem Solving approach to de-escalate various situations.  We now have another tool to ensure our child’s happiness.  Thank you so much!”

“Our counsellor has been great at establishing a connection with our child and has great instincts about how to get to the heart of the issue. He is relatable and meets our child on their level but encourages them to grow in ways that are just right. He quickly created a rapport and a trusted safe space for our child to be able to express difficult feelings. Our child feels validated and heard. Our counsellor has also been a great guide for us as parents as we navigate the parenting challenges we face.”

“Our counsellor had a great approach and a thorough understanding of the challenges we are facing.”

“An absolute breath of fresh air. Up to this point, I’ve never felt anyone has truly had my daughter’s best interests at heart until we met our Crossroads counsellor. Right from the beginning she focused on my daughter and was so gentle, picking up on subtle cues of discomfort in her that in the past only I have been able to pick on, and immediately changing the tone or refocusing on speaking to me so as not to upset my daughter. I can’t express my gratitude enough to her for showing so much care and affection to a very worried little girl.”

“We think Crossroads offers an outstanding service to our community. This organization has guided us in overcoming school-related challenges using an approach that is tailored to the personality of our child. Thank you!”

“Our counsellor was very understanding and made me feel like I was doing a good job as mom. She spoke to my son in a very calm and friendly way to make him feel good about sharing. I never felt rushed or uncomfortable sharing.”

“I was looking to receive some guidance on how to best support my daughter while leaving an abusive relationship with her father. Not only did I get the guidance I needed to support my daughter but I got reassuring words or comfort and guidance for my health and well being.  Phenomenal services.”

“I cannot say enough about our counsellor and his session with my daughter. I have been to many child therapists as a kid and we saw another a few years ago with my daughter and while all were great, our Crossroads counsellor is EXCEPTIONAL. He is a special individual and engaged my daughter, created an open dialogue and she had fun while learning! We talked about the session being about her and it’s a safe space for her to say whatever she wanted even about Mommy but he took it to the next level. She valued and trusted him and opened up.”

“Our counsellor has been the only true support in this field for my son. Though he has some trouble communicating with her at times, he himself finds the idea of contact with her (and her help) soothing and calming to his fears, and dysregulation.”

“Couldn’t be happier with our walk-in session appointment! We felt so supported and left we a sense of relief that our son’s future will look brighter with the help we know we are going to receive. What a wonderful first step in the process!

“My grandson really enjoyed the session he had. He was nervous at first but the Crossroads counsellor made him feel comfortable. He is looking forward to going back. Everything was explained to him so he understood what was going on. He definitely can benefit from this service. Thank you.”


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